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Balearia Ferries

How do I get the cheapest Balearia Ferries tickets?

Book your Balearia ferry crossing with prices starting from only £75 for a car plus 2. Balearia offer a number of different ticket types for you to choose from dependent on how flexible you need to be on your holiday. Compareferries.com is always receiving excellent special offers from Balearia with discounts at times in excess of 20% off the standards ticket price, so please fill out your requirements in our ferry search and you will ensure you see the best prices for your trip away.

What routes do Balearia Ferries offer?

In the Mediterranean region, Balearia operates domestic services within Spain to the Balearic Islands from Denia, Valencia and Barcelona. The company also operates service across the Strait of Gibraltar from Algeciras to Ceuta and Tangier.

In North America, Balearia operates regular international ferry service between the port of Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States and Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.

Compareferries.com has the most up to date timetables, routes and fares for Balearia Ferries. Use our ferry search to compare prices for Balearia Ferries and to book your next ferry crossing.

Why should I book with Balearia Ferries?

Balearia currently operates 18 ships in its fleet which is a mixture of conventional and fast ferry services, whichever route you choose, onboard all of Balearia ferries you will have a comfortable and relaxing experience.

The ferries have a self-service restaurant with a range of menus: full menu, single courses, children's and vegetarian meals. You will also find traditional dishes from the regions where the ferries operate.

The bars serve not only drinks but also snacks, pastries and sandwiches, while in high season make sure not to miss the barbecues on the outdoor decks of the ferries. For those with a sweet tooth, meanwhile, some of the ships have an ice cream and chocolate parlour.

In the shops which are available on most ships buy your first souvenir and you will also find gift items, drinks, snacks, toiletries, toys, books... Some of them even have gourmet produce from the Balearics. Wi-Fi is also available on most ships.

Ferry Routes

Barcelona to Ibiza / Ibiza to Barcelona

7 Sailings Weekly 8 hrs 14 mins

Barcelona to Ciutadella / Ciutadella to Barcelona

14 Sailings Weekly 6 hrs 31 mins

Barcelona to Alcudia / Alcudia to Barcelona

7 Sailings Weekly 6 hrs 30 mins

Barcelona to Palma / Palma to Barcelona

7 Sailings Weekly 7 hrs 30 mins

Denia to Ibiza / Ibiza to Denia

9 Sailings Weekly 3 hrs 30 mins

Denia to Formentera / Formentera to Denia

12 Sailings Weekly 2 hrs 30 mins

Denia to Palma / Palma to Denia

7 Sailings Weekly 7 hrs 45 mins

Denia to Ibiza San Antonio / Ibiza San Antonio to Denia

7 Sailings Weekly 2 hrs

Valencia to Ibiza / Ibiza to Valencia

6 Sailings Weekly 5 hrs 10 mins

Valencia to Palma / Palma to Valencia

14 Sailings Weekly 7 hrs 30 mins

Valencia to Ibiza San Antonio / Ibiza San Antonio to Valencia

4 Sailings Weekly 3 hrs

Alcudia to Ciutadella / Ciutadella to Alcudia

1 Sailings Daily 1 hrs 30 mins

Palma to Ibiza / Ibiza to Palma

14 Sailings Weekly 3 hrs 30 mins

Palma to Formentera / Formentera to Palma

6 Sailings Weekly 5 hrs

Formentera to Ibiza / Ibiza to Formentera

19 Sailings Daily 28 mins

Algerciras to Tangier Med / Tangier Med to Algerciras

8 Sailings Daily 1 hrs

Almeria to Nador / Nador to Almeria

12 Sailings Weekly 4 hrs

Algerciras to Ceuta / Ceuta to Algerciras

10 Sailings Daily 1 hrs 15 mins

Almeria to Melilla / Melilla to Almeria

3 Sailings Weekly 4 hrs

Motril to Melilla / Melilla to Motril

2 Sailings Weekly 4 hrs

Mostaganem to Valencia / Valencia to Mostaganem

3 Sailings Weekly 11 hrs 30 mins

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