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All Ferries to Italy

Alicudi to Filicudi

7 Sailings Weekly
25 mins
5 Sailings Weekly
50 mins

Alicudi to Lipari

Alicudi to Rinell

Alicudi to Salina

Alicudi to Vulcano

Amalfi to Capri

Amalfi to Positano

Amalfi to Salerno

Amalfi to Sorrento

Ancona to Trieste

Anzio to Ponza

Arbatax to Civitavecchia

Arbatax to Genoa

Bar to Bari

Barcelona to Genoa

Barcelona to Civitavecchia

Barcelona to Livorno

Barcelona to Savona

Bastia to Livorno

Bastia to Savona

Bastia to Piombino

Bastia to Genoa

Cagliari to Civitavecchia

Cagliari to Napoli

Calvi to Savona

Capraia to Livorno

Capri to Napoli

Capri to Sorrento

Capri to Castellammare di Stabia

Capri to Amalfi

Capri to Salerno

Capri to Positano

Capri to Ischia

Casamicciola to Pozzuoli

Casamicciola to Ponza

Casamicciola to Ventotene

Casamicciola to Napoli

Casamicciola to Procida

Castellammare di Stabia to Capri

Castellammare di Stabia to Sorrento

Catania to Napoli

Cavo to Piombino

Corfu to Brindisi

Corfu to Bari

Corfu to Ancona

Dubrovnik to Bari

Durres to Bari

Durres to Ancona

Durres to Trieste

Favignana to Napoli

Favignana to Marettimo

Favignana to Levanzo

Filicudi to Alicudi

Filicudi to Lipari

Filicudi to Rinell

Filicudi to Salina

Filicudi to Vulcano

Forio to Napoli

Formia to Ponza

Formia to Ventotene

Giglio to Porto Santo Stefano

Ginostra to Lipari

Ginostra to Panarea

Ginostra to Salina

Ginostra to Vulcano

Ginostra to Stromboli

Ginostra to Napoli

Ginostra to Rinell

Golf Aranci to Livorno

Havr to Pescara

Igoumenitsa to Brindisi

Igoumenitsa to Ancona

Igoumenitsa to Trieste

Igoumenitsa to Bari

Igoumenitsa to Venice

Ile Rousse to Savona

Ile Rousse to Livorno

Ischia to Napoli

Ischia to Pozzuoli

Ischia to Procida

Ischia to Capri

Ischia to Sorrento

Lampedusa to Linosa

Levanzo to Favignana

Levanzo to Marettimo

Linosa to Lampedusa

Lipari to Napoli

Lipari to Salina

Lipari to Stromboli

Lipari to Panarea

Lipari to Ginostra

Lipari to Rinell

Lipari to Vulcano

Lipari to Alicudi

Lipari to Reggio Calabria

Lipari to Filicudi

Lipari to Vibo Valentia

Livorno to Capraia

Marettimo to Favignana

Marettimo to Levanzo

Marsala to Favignana

Marsala to Marettimo

Messina to Salerno

Messina to Reggio Calabria

Messina to Lipari

Messina to Rinell

Messina to Salina

Messina to Vulcano

Messina to Panarea

Messina to Stromboli

Milazzo to Stromboli

Milazzo to Rinell

Milazzo to Vulcano

Milazzo to Lipari

Milazzo to Salina

Milazzo to Alicudi

Milazzo to Panarea

Milazzo to Filicudi

Milazzo to Ginostra

Milazzo to Vibo Valentia

Milazzo to Napoli

Napoli to Ischia

Napoli to Lipari

Napoli to Panarea

Napoli to Ponza

Napoli to Salina

Napoli to Stromboli

Napoli to Ventotene

Napoli to Vulcano

Napoli to Capri

Napoli to Casamicciola

Napoli to Procida

Napoli to Favignana

Napoli to Ustica

Napoli to Sorrento

Napoli to Forio

Napoli to Ginostra

Napoli to Rinell

Olbia to Civitavecchia

Olbia to Genoa

Olbia to Livorno

Olbia to Piombino

Palermo to Genoa

Palermo to Napoli

Palermo to Civitavecchia

Palermo to Salerno

Palermo to Livorno

Palermo to Vulcano

Palermo to Lipari

Palermo to Salina

Palermo to Rinell

Palermo to Alicudi

Palermo to Filicudi

Palermo to Ustica

Palermo Termini Imerese to Civitavecchia

Panarea to Napoli

Panarea to Salina

Panarea to Stromboli

Panarea to Vulcano

Panarea to Lipari

Panarea to Ginostra

Panarea to Rinell

Panarea to Vibo Valentia

Patras to Brindisi

Patras to Ancona

Patras to Trieste

Patras to Bari

Patras to Venice

Paxi to Brindisi

Pianosa to Piombino

Piombino to Pianosa

Piran to Venice

Piran to Trieste

Ponza to Casamicciola

Ponza to Napoli

Ponza to Ventotene

Ponza to Terracina

Porec to Venice

Porec to Trieste

Porto Empedocli to Lampedusa

Porto Empedocli to Linosa

Porto Santo Stefano to Giglio

Porto Torres to Genoa

Porto Torres to Civitavecchia

Portoferraio to Piombino

Positano to Amalfi

Positano to Capri

Positano to Salerno

Pozzuoli to Ischia

Pozzuoli to Casamicciola

Pozzuoli to Procida

Procida to Napoli

Procida to Ischia

Procida to Pozzuoli

Procida to Casamicciola

Pula to Venice

Pula to Trieste

Reggio Calabria to Lipari

Rinell to Lipari

Rinell to Salina

Rinell to Vulcano

Rinell to Alicudi

Rinell to Panarea

Rinell to Stromboli

Rinell to Filicudi

Rinell to Napoli

Rinell to Ginostra

Rio Marina to Piombino

Rio Marina to Pianosa

Rovinj to Venice

Rovinj to Trieste

Salerno to Amalfi

Salerno to Positano

Salerno to Capri

Salina to Napoli

Salina to Vulcano

Salina to Panarea

Salina to Stromboli

Salina to Lipari

Salina to Ginostra

Salina to Rinell

Salina to Alicudi

Salina to Filicudi

Salina to Vibo Valentia

Sami to Brindisi

Sami to Bari

San Domino to Termoli

San Nicola to Vieste

San Nicola to Vasto

Sarander to Brindisi

Skikda to Genoa

Sorrento to Capri

Sorrento to Napoli

Sorrento to Amalfi

Sorrento to Ischia

Split to Ancona

Stari Grad to Pescara

Stari Grad to Ancona

Stromboli to Napoli

Stromboli to Panarea

Stromboli to Salina

Stromboli to Vulcano

Stromboli to Lipari

Stromboli to Rinell

Stromboli to Vibo Valentia

Stromboli to Ginostra

Tangier Med to Genoa

Tangier Med to Livorno

Tangier Med to Savona

Termoli to San Domino

Terracina to Ponza

Trapani to Napoli

Trapani to Favignana

Trapani to Levanzo

Trapani to Marettimo

Trapani to Pantelleria

Trapani to Ustica

Trieste to Ancona

Tunis to Genoa

Tunis to Civitavecchia

Tunis to Salerno

Umag to Venice

Ustica to Napoli

Vasto to San Nicola

Ventotene to Casamicciola

Ventotene to Napoli

Ventotene to Ponza

Vibo Valentia to Lipari

Vibo Valentia to Panarea

Vibo Valentia to Salina

Vibo Valentia to Stromboli

Vibo Valentia to Vulcano

Vieste to San Nicola

Vieste to San Domino

Vlora to Brindisi

Vulcano to Napoli

Vulcano to Lipari

Vulcano to Stromboli

Vulcano to Panarea

Vulcano to Salina

Vulcano to Ginostra

Vulcano to Rinell

Vulcano to Alicudi

Vulcano to Filicudi

Vulcano to Vibo Valentia

Zadar to Ancona

Zakynthos to Brindisi

Zakynthos to Bari

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