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How to Extend Your Annual Leave in 2024

2024 Calendar
2024 Calendar. Picture Credit: Canva

Annual leave is a treasure for the full-time worker, limited to a modest 28 days, including bank holidays. Yet, there's a strategy to stretch this limited time into a bountiful series of escapes in 2024. 

Maximising Easter: A 16-Day Getaway Opportunity

Easter in 2024 presents a golden opportunity. By booking just eight days off, you can enjoy a 16-day holiday. The period around Easter is perfect for exploring destinations like Cancun or European gems such as Cyprus and Crete, where the weather is inviting but not yet overwhelmed by tourists.

Tip for Easter: Book off March 25, 26, 27, 28, and April 2, 3, 4, 5. This spans from March 23 to April 7.

Christmas Escapades: From Festive to Tropical

Christmas period, when offices slow down, is ripe for a long break. Why not spend it driving through Iceland's Route 1, lounging in Tenerife, or celebrating in Australia? Utilise the bank holidays to convert seven days of leave into a 16-day holiday.

Christmas Strategy: Book December 23, 24, 27, 30, 31, and January 2, 3, to extend your holiday from December 21 to January 5.

Bank Holiday Bonanzas: Stretching 8 Days into 18

The other bank holidays in 2024, like in May and August, allow for extended breaks. These are perfect for avoiding peak travel times and enjoying destinations like the Balearics, Sicily, or even exotic locations like Bali or the Maldives.

Early May: Book May 7-10 for a break from May 4-12.
Spring Holiday: Book May 28-31 to extend from May 25 to June 2.
Late Summer: Book August 27-30 for a break from August 24 to September 1.

Early Bird Gets the Best Dates

To capitalise on this strategy, be proactive. Book your holidays as soon as your annual leave calendar opens up to avoid conflicts with colleagues. Remember, it's not just about securing your desired dates; it's also about preventing the loss of unused annual leave.

Planning Ahead: A Mental Oasis

Start planning now, even if your leave year runs from April to March. Early planning not only secures your dates but also offers a mental escape to look forward to. It's a clever way to enjoy more holidays without using up extra leave days. In 2024, with a bit of strategic planning, those limited 28 days can transform into a series of memorable getaways, maximising your time off and enriching your travel experiences. Happy planning!

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