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Ferry Routes from UK to France from £25

Dover to Calais

23 Sailings Daily
1 hrs 30 mins
15 Sailings Daily
1 hrs 30 mins

Dover to Dunkirk

Folkestone to Calais

Newhaven to Dieppe

Plymouth to Roscoff

Poole to Cherbourg

Portsmouth to St Malo

Portsmouth to Caen

Portsmouth to Cherbourg

Portsmouth to Le Havre

Port Sailing Dates O/W From RTN From
Caen Mar 2024-Nov 2024 £69 £138
Calais* Mar 2024-Dec 2024 £25 £40
Cherbourg Mar 2024-Oct 2024 £74 £95
Dieppe Mar 2024-Dec 2024 £31 £46
Dunkirk* Mar 2024-Dec 2024 £25 £50
Le Havre Mar 2024-Mar 2024 £69 £143
Roscoff Mar 2024-Nov 2024 £74 £143
St Malo Mar 2024-Nov 2024 £74 £143
All prices are per person and based on foot passenger fares on selected dates in Mar 24 - May 24. Excludes Weekends & Bank Holiday Periods
*=Based on bicycle fares on selected dates in Mar 24 -May 24. Excludes Weekends & Bank Holiday Periods

We are currently searching for the best routes and prices for you.