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Roscoff Ferry Port Information

About The Port

Roscoff is a port in the north of France which connects the continent with the UK via Plymouth and Ireland via Cork. There is a selection of up to 5 sailings per week but this can vary depending on the season, so be sure to double-check before booking.

The town of Roscoff is a very picturesque town which owes much of its wealth and development to its port. In the 19th century, the port began seeing increasing maritime traffic when it was known for trading cloth, salt, wood and onions to the UK. The port still retains much of its sleepy fishing town vibe but has also developed enough to be able to accommodate the growing ferry trade.

The trip to Plymouth takes just over 6 hours whereas the one to Cork takes just under 12 hours. Both routes are operated via Brittany Ferries.

Directions For Getting There

If you are travelling by car, Roscoff can be reached by taking the E50 from Paris to Morlaix and then the N58 to the port. For parking, there is a large car park right in front of the terminal that is completely free but where owners park at their own risk.

If you are reaching the port via train, from Paris there are regular services to Morlaix via TGV on the main Paris Atlantique route which takes about 4 hours. From Morlaix take the train to Roscoff. It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk between the terminal to the train station.

If you are travelling by bus, head to Morlaix where there is regular bus service that runs between Roscoff and Morlaix. The journey takes around 35 minutes.

Port Contact Details

Gare Maritime, Port du Bloscon, 29688 Roscoff, France

Phone: +33 2 98 61 27 85

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